J.R Sekwele & Associates Distributors cc management understands the business environment, the economy of the country as well as its economic history. With this background we are in a position to implement the empowerment policy objectively. Our empowerment policy is implemented in such a way that it develops the historically disadvantaged communities of South Africa in a systematic manner. However, it should be noted that our policy is not racial, does not follow regional or ethnical lines and does not uphold the principle of xenophobia but only touches on these issues so as to help resolve the issue of imbalances in so far as the distribution of wealth is concerned.

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J.R Sekwele & Associates Distributors cc has designed a procurement policy, which sets guidelines on how outsourcing can be conducted, with a view of achieving efficiency, quality and reduce costs. Outsourcing of any professional services from our suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders is well-designed and all cost-effective measures are brought in. An intensive vendor screening is conducted before any procurement takes place, and a database of all current and potential suppliers is maintained and updated at regular intervals. Various contracts between the organisation and the suppliers or service providers are examined against any deals that are made before each contract is signed. Various stages and cycles of procurement are utilised, such as, requisition, solicitation, requirement and award cycles, in line with any procurement decisions. All the contracts are administered professionally, with affirmative action used to assist previously disadvantaged companies, in order to boost them financially.

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In all processes and stages that define our service delivery, the organisation emphasises quality. Therefore, quality planning, control, assurance, auditing and improvement enable J.R Sekwele & Associates Distributors cc to gain a corporate identity in the provision of exceptional quality to clients. This has led to high satisfaction and loyalty from both internal and external stakeholders of the organisation. J.R Sekwele & Associates Distributors cc's entire human resource has adopted quality principles, aligned to the total quality management systems. Training on quality is conducted at all levels of the organisational structure and at regular intervals.

Regular reports on quality performance are produced in consultation with each client and stored for improvement and assessment. Quality monitoring is on an ongoing process, where quality plans and policies meet quality objectives. All our clients are invited to have their views and define their specifications before service delivery takes place. The emphasis is on achieving high levels of satisfaction and loyalty through creating value to clients.

  • Develop implement and co-ordinate the company's health and safety policy to achieve the company standards.
  • Carry out safety induction training for all new employees.
  • Adhere to general safety training requirements.
  • Ensure health and safety training is recorded.
  • Assess workplace hazards and formulate preventative measures including safe.
  • Working procedures and monitoring conformance.
  • Assist as required with insurer's surveys and enquiries.
  • Provide reports and safety statistics as required and keep all the stakeholders informed of all developments and co-operate with them regarding insurance.
  • Investigations.
  • All employees to be given a small pocket size safety manual handbook when commencing work with J.R. Sekwele & Associates Distributors cc.
  • Master the art of health and safety policy.